Marcare Physician Billing Service

STI Computer Services is proud to announce the acquisition of MarCare Physician Billing Service in Western New York. For more than 19 years, STI has provided MarCare with the resources and support needed to deliver effective accounts receivable management services. By entering into this acquisition, STI will be able to increase our Revenue Cycle Management services in the Western and Upstate New York area.

STI looks forward to the addition of MarCare’s talented staff, led by Marcia Taylor, to its fast growing RCM Division. According to Ted Itzkowitz, President of STI, “Revenue Cycle Management is a strategic goal for STI as doctors find it more and more difficult to navigate the large volume of governmental regulations thrust upon them each year. By providing practice management, appointment scheduling, EMR, a patient portal, and MACRA/MIPS, along with billing and collections in one package at a price point lower than doing it in-house, practice revenue goes up and expenses go down.”

STI Computer Services specializes in the development, sale, installation, and support of computer systems for medical practices. STI is the author of the ChartMaker® Medical Suite, a modular set of software for Medical Billing, Scheduling, Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records. The system has been installed in over 3,000 medical practices since 1979. ChartMaker is available in client/server, cloud-based, or Revenue Cycle Management options. STI also provides hardware, installation, training (both on-site and web-based) and hardware managed services.

For information on this acquisition, contact:

Jennifer Dean, 610-650-1230, ext. 1230