Our Services

The STI RCM Division is dedicated to working cooperatively with our clients to collect the maximum, legal reimbursement from payers and patients in the shortest possible time.

Billing and Collections

We provide assistance in the billing and collecting of charges and other billing services.

Free Software

We provide free ChartMaker Software and/or Hosting which includes services like E-Prescribe, Patient Portal and much more.

Dedicated Service

Your Account Services Manager will assist you with quarterly reviews and tips to improve your billing process on a regular basis.

Extensive Review

We'll review your procedure fees and coding standards to ensure that you're not only billing correctly but receiving the maximium amount for your services.

Free Training

We provide webinars and videos on how to use STI products and services as well as information webinars about new federal billing and IT requirements.

Service Options

We offer various levels of service options from limited service to full service billing. Contact us today to discuss how we can meet your office's needs.

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